Foot traffic analytics solutions that respect consumer privacy.

Solutions for hospitality, advertising, insurance, and real estate, including short-term property rentals

BlueZoo’s patented technologies power innovative foot traffic analytics solutions used by leading companies around the globe.  BlueZoo products respect consumer privacy and have been GDPR certified by ePrivacy, a leading European privacy specialist.  Today, our menagerie of foot traffic analytics consists of two solutions:


Designed for the hospitality, advertising, insurance, and real estate markets.

Party Squasher

Designed for property managers in the short-term rental market (e.g. Airbnb and Vrbo).


The industry's best measurement technologies, refined over time.

Protected by 5 patents.

BlueZoo’s mission is to help companies better manage their businesses by better understanding the presence and movement of people in a space.

We deliver foot traffic analytics services to the out-of-home advertising, real estate, insurance, hospitality, and short-term-rental industries. We design and distribute Wi-Fi sensors that passively collect probes from mobile phones to measure the number of visitors, visits, visit dwell time, unique visitors, recurring unique visitors, and multiple other metrics.

BlueZoo technology expertise includes radio systems management, firmware development, cloud computing, stochastic analytics, and data visualization. Our software is cloud-based, running in server farms around the world. While the company provides user-facing applications, including web dashboards and mobile applications, our core expertise is in the development of scalable data analytics systems.

Unlike many other location analytics firms, we deliver these services while preserving consumer privacy. We do not collect any information about consumers other than the presence of their mobile phones, and not even their mobile phone numbers. We are GDPR-certified by ePrivacy.


Easy-to-use solutions for foot traffic measurement and analysis.

BlueZoo delivers its location analytics technology in two product lines:  BlueFox and Party Squasher.  Both products benefit from the same core architecture, but one delivers more advanced analytics, and is suitable to a broader set of industries, than the other.


Delivers solutions for the retail, hospitality, real estate, and out-of-home advertising industries. The series of five BlueFox products delivers more advanced metrics, have more sophisticated mechanisms for calibration, offer web dashboards, and support for third-party analytics tools like Tableau. Our customers range from small-and-medium businesses to Fortune-500 organizations.

Party Squasher

Delivers solutions for managers of short-term rental properties, like those marketed through Airbnb and VRBO.  Users of Party Squasher Standard can manage a dozen properties with an iPhone/Android mobile app.. Users of Party Squasher Pro, typically management companies, manage dozens or hundreds of short-term rental properties with a combination of our mobile app and our web dashboard.


Built from the ground up for GDPR compliance.

All BlueZoo products respect the privacy of consumers and have been certified compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by ePrivacy. Neither BlueFox nor Party Squasher products collect any personal information other than the MAC (media access control) addresses spontaneously broadcast by mobile phones to distinguish one mobile phone from another on a Wi-Fi network.

BlueZoo is the consumer-friendly provider of foot traffic analytics. We employ no cameras, no microphones, and don’t require the installation of any software on consumer phones. Our sensors simply listen, passively, and keep a running tally as the mobile phones of passersby announce their presence.

We don’t know anything about the consumers that carry the phones… simply that a mobile phone is present. Naturally, we only know about mobile phones when they are near one of our sensors. We don’t use a phone’s GPS receiver to track phones as their owners move about the planet.

About us

Delivering proven solutions for foot traffic measurement.

And totally committed to the success of our customers.

BlueZoo, Inc. is a technology development company that delivers foot traffic analytics services.  Our services collect data using Wi-Fi sensors to measure the number of visitors, visits, visitor dwell time, unique visitors, unique visitor recurrence rate, and more complex metrics.  Unlike other location analytics firms, we deliver these services while preserving consumer privacy.  We do not collect any information about consumers other than the presence of their mobile phones: not even mobile phone numbers.

Our Wi-Fi technology was originally developed by Jan Willem Korver in Utrecht, Netherlands.  Sensitive to European requirements for consumer privacy, Korver sought out a strategy for location analytics that did not require the sharing of consumer personal information or the installation of mobile applications that can track location via mobile phone GPS capabilities.  He insisted on a solution that would respect GDPR requirements.

BlueZoo is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, and has offices in Europe (France) and Asia (Singapore).  We serve customers worldwide.