How Plug and Play Tech Center Cafe Engages with Employees [Case Study]

Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, California hosts more than 400 startups. Daily Specials, menus and events make every day a special day at the Cafeteria. How do we simply communicate all of these with people in the building? How do we improve planning?

As BlueFox is located in the same building, it became obvious to us that BlueFox Engage is the ideal solution for the Cafeteria to engage with the people in the facility.

How It Works

It can’t be simpler! In a few seconds, people register,  following instructions that are displayed at the Cafeteria. After they give their consent to receive messages and promotions, they receive a text message daily when coming to the office, letting them in on what is happening that day.

Plug and Play Tech Center | BlueFox Engage

No apps to download, no Bluetooth required.

Customer Engagement can be as simple as a text message.

The Multiple Benefits and Possibilities BlueFox Engage Offers to Restaurants and Cafeterias

  • Know how many people are in your restaurants in real-time
  • Get all analytics per day, per week, per hour
  • Reduce food waste by getting accurate insights on traffic
  • Engage with people before, during, or after their visit
  • Push survey
  • Connect counting to traffic based content on Digital Signage
  • And more…

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